Prepping your car for the warmer seasons

Yes, it is that wonderful time of year! Its time to get your car ready for those hot and hazy days of summer.  Here are some main areas to address:

1.  Oils and fluids
After a harsh and cold winter, the best thing to do is replace your engine oil and filter.  Cold starts in freezing temperatures result in less-than-ideal combustion, introducing harmful acids and other contaminants into the engine oil.  Even if you have not driven much, have the oil and filter changed.  You could move up an oil grade (of viscosity) in anticipation of hot weather driving but consult your owner’s manual first.  The engine cooling system is very critical to reliable driving should be checked carefully.  Other systems such as automatic transmission and air conditioning depend on it for support.

2.  Tires
If you had snow tires on, now is the time to remove them.  Evaluate your summer rubber.  If the tread is worn, you can do yourself a favour by getting a new set.  You will thank yourself the next time you have to execute an emergency maneuver in a rain storm.

3. Wiper blades
They take a beating in the winter – the salty slush and freezing rain is hard on the rubber.  Replacements are inexpensive and afford you a clear field of vision.

4. Air Conditioning
NOW is the time to verify proper A/C operation and repair if necessary.  You’ll be disappointed if you wait until the first heat wave – mechanics get very busy (and testy) as the temperatures climb.

5. Keep cool and enjoy the summer!

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