Fuel economy – some tips and tricks

With the cost of gasoline rising steadily, it pays to review some basic habits in our search for peak fuel economy.

Tire pressure has a large effect on fuel consumption. A lower pressure may give you a softer ride but it will cost you in increased fuel bills. Adjust the pressure to the recommended level as shown on the door sticker. Tire pressure is very often overlooked so have your service technician check it out.

Some drivers like to throw bags of salt into the trunk for “ballast”. In a rear-wheel drive vehicle this may add some traction in the snow, however, it also adds to the total vehicle weight that needs to be repeatedly accelerated as well as stopped in the normal course of driving. The extra weight makes it harder to stop a vehicle, especially on slippery surfaces. Also, having to accelerate with the additional “baggage” means burning more fuel. I guess that moderation is the key here.

Throttle control is a key factor in fuel consumption. Maintaining a steady speed and avoiding hard acceleration and braking will go a long way to extend your driving range on a tankfull of gas. Another benefit of gentler driving is the reduced wear and tear of the braking system.

Even a 5% improvement in fuel consumption will add up to many dollars in your pocket over the years. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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