Is freon gone?

As you might know, freon, or R12 refrigerant is quickly fading into history.

It has been identified as an “Ozone depleting substance” and as such is no longer being produced. This reduction in supply has led to skyrocketing prices. In addition, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment has banned the use of R12 starting January, 2002. Since 1994, all car makers have switched to a supposedly ozone-friendly refrigerant called R134A.

Although there are several other refrigerants being marketed as direct replacements for R12, we prefer to retro-fit older vehicles to the new R134A. The conversion costs less than $100 and allows the use of an accepted, approved and inexpensive refrigerant. Although the performance of a retro-fitted system can be reduced by up to 10%, it is rarely felt by the driver. For the special cases where R134A is not compatible with a specific car, we have other refrigerants that will do an adequate job while complying with the Ministry’s requirements.

We can evaluate all the options for your vehicle and recommend the best way to get you back on the road in cool and comfy style.

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